A Collage of Moments

A frontrunner in one stop event

photography, State’s objective

for its new website design is

simple; to be able to easily

showcase and enchance their

numerous photography works

and projects. Deliberately taking

a step back with the graphics,

a minimalist approach is utilized

for State’s new website design.

The clean and elegant style

allows State’s bold and emotional

photography to take the center

stage— creating a collage of

colorful and romantic visuals.

Web Design
Photography by statephotography

A Digital Album

Contrary to most website design projects I’ve done before, I approached the project as if I’m  creating a photo album in a digital format. Each page features a fullsize photography collage that directly showcases each photography project in whole, Which users can enjoy and navigate through with ease. By clicking on a photograph a fullscreen layout is loaded to bring the selected picture in focus.

Ful​ly Responsive and Consistent Digital Experience

One of the priority of designing State’s website besides creating a beautiful photographic showcase, is making sure its extremely practical and is readily accessible by State’s possible clients. To ensure that we designed the website to be responsive— automatically adapting in accordance with the screen it is accessed through. The website visual design is maintained consistenly even on its mobile format. This ultimately allows prospective clients to clients to access the website virtually anytime and anywhere.