Redesigning The Energy of The City

Inspired by Icon Magazine's Rethink

Segment, I've decided to start a series of

rethinking project on select brands.

For this series' pilot I've decided

to pick Indonesia's most successful 

unicorn, Gojek. Gojek is a mobile app that

connects user with on demand drivers

to run errands for them. Those errands

can range from driving users, shopping for

users, retrieving, delivering, to even in house

beauty treatments. Gojek allows user to

break free of the limitation of the City’s

bustling infrastructure and focus more on

things that matter.

Branding, UI & UX Concept

The New Gojek Home, a Focus on Practicality


The reason why Gojek became such a success is because of the practicality it offers to its users. Its only right to emphasize practicality and ease of usage for this redesigned Gojek app. Starting with the the Gojek ’s app homepage, a simple and personalized tagline is used to prompt user to select the gojek service they will be using at that instant. Each Homepage is also personalized based on not only the user’s ID but also the current weather, time and location, by changing the wallpaper and message on each user’s homepage. This is designed to humanize the way Gojek communicate to users. An even more important element to emphasize inside the app’s homepage is the navigation. Using the reworked iconography, big clear buttons are created to accommodate even beginner level user. Each Gojek service is grouped into 4 logical color coded categories that is straightforward; scroll vertically to browse categories and scroll horizontally on each categories section to find the service you are looking for. Atop of those 4 categories, a favorites segment is great for quick access, and is set based on frequency of use.

All of Gojek as Easy as 1, 2, 3


Revisiting the concept of practicality and user-friendliness, When rethinking Gojek, one of the objective was to enable even the most technologically challenged to be able to use Gojek with ease. To do this the “progress button” is created. Found at the bottom of all pages, the progress button is designed to display instruction to complete each Gojek order. When users complete each step the progress button fills up and when it does so completely, users can then assuredly place their Gojek order. This in addition to a simplified layout makes ordering Gojek service more effortless.

Cards. a Better Way to Browse Gojek App


Redesigning Gofood is one of the biggest challenge within this rethinking project for Gojek. Reason being that the Gofood service features an incredibly rich content. From the Gofood app users are presented with hundreds of selection of food options for delivery. Users need to be able to view food menus and place specific order from Gofood. A “carded” interface design style is used is perfect for Gofood and its content heavy feature for several reason. By using cards interface design style each image and text set are established by clear boundaries in a stylish and lively looking layout. People can clearly differentiate different content from one another. The reworked interface design is comfortable to use within the limited screen estate. Users are presented with content at a fair pace without overcrowding the screen. The cards interface design style takes example from material design style which pops because of its illusion of depth.

A Universal Layout for All of Gojek Services


On a small screen estate especially on mobile phones, Layout design becomes a thing of the utmost importance. Throughout the application, a consistent layout design is utilized. This consistent layout design is meant to give users a sense of familiarity in time and hopefully allows user to navigate the entire app with ease and speed. The consistent layout also function to keep Gojek’s rich visual content in an order that is comfortable for prolonged browsing.

Gowallet, a Virtual Wallet That Makes Sense


One of the biggest addition in the new Gojek app is a totally reworked wallet mechanism called Gowallet. Gowallet acts as a virtual wallet for use within the Gojek app. Much like your real wallet, the Gowallet is designed to be quickly accessible by swiping right at the Gojek mobile app homepage.  Within the Gowallet users can view all of their past and current active gojek order which are aptly called tickets. Users can also find their Gomoney and Gopoints ticket/vouchers. Past, or inactive tickets are darkened and desaturated. Users can click on tickets to bring it up to view details and swipe it back down to view all tickets again or swipe left to automatically close Gowallet.

On The Go With Watchos


Taking full advantage of user’s paired wearables, The new Gojek app is designed to take full advantage of the watchOS. Inside the Gojek Watch app users can access their current active tickets in a smaller version of Gowallet. When their Gojek order is arriving user will also be prompted to a customized Gojek notification panel on the wearable. Users can easily be alerted of their orders and be truly on the go with their paired Gojek WatchOS app.